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So the third opportunity in which I just opened a position in is Torque Trading Systems. They utilize unique Algorithms and AI trading bots that are very efficient at trading on the Crypto market and capitalizing on returns. They have physical offices in Singapore and their CEO, Bernard Ong, is always available to talk about the business.

The business itself started as Torque Trading of Asia and now it has a spinoff version for the investors in the rest of the world(the one Im promoting). The CEO is also heavily invested in a company called “Snapbots” which develops different types of AI bots for trading on the different markets. They have a profile page on LinkedIn which can be found at the following address: All in all I feel pretty comfortable with investing with them.

Torque Trading Systems

To get started you first must create an affiliate account to gain access to their dashboard. Click here if you would like to check it out through my referral link below, and if you do decide to sign up please sign up using my referral link.


From there you will see that they trade in four different cryptocurrencies: BITCOIN, LTC, USDT, and ETH. You can transfer from your wallet to any of these four cryptocurrencies to get started. They do require a minimum amount of each in order for you to get started and this is clearly listed on there dashboard page at the bottom center of the page. From looking at the site it appears around $300-$400 will get you invested into one of the cryptocurrencies. Looks like USDT is the cheapest of the (4) to invest in at this moment.

Torque Dashboard

One of the the things I hear that people might not like about Torque Tradings System is that they pay back your returns with a “TORQ Token”. They have developed the token themselves and this is the only place you see it used. The member must then transfer this token into whichever cryptocurrency they would like to. There does seem to be some reasoning to why they are doing this and there are actually some pros to doing it this way. A member of another site describes TORQ Token’s in the following way:

The TORQ tokens are utility tokens, use it to track your daily returns and you may use it in future to spend in the digital mall, travel, third-party apps, etc. as you would have known by now, everyone can invest with either BTC/ ETH/ USDT/ LTC.. imagine everyone you refer invests with different tokens, without TORQ tokens, you would get fractions in all sorts of tokens. If it’s listed, you may start to worry if the price of tokens affects your overall returns. And for us, it’s gonna be an accounting mess. TORQ is able to unify it, and you decide what tokens you want to convert it to any time, at your preference knowing the market trend of each token. –

Torque Trading Systems

According to there were currently over sixteen million TORQ Tokens in circulation. Mainly you should look at TORQ as just a utility token that is used to pay members in. It is not a listed cryptocurrency yet(although this could change) and is not susceptible to the daily fluctuations of the market. The good thing about this is that you could keep the TORQ Tokens in your wallet and then when the other cryptocurrencies are down you could by a larger volume with them because the TORQ Token is not subject to those same fluctuations affecting the rest of the market.

So I guess you might be wondering what kind of returns is Torque Trading Systems getting back on the money you give them. It appears from looking at the material on their website that you can make a daily return of between .15% and .45%. This is a very nice return on your money and could translate to over a 3% return weekly, or a 12% monthly. That would be $1,200 on a $10,000 investment in just one month. This probably is safer than a lot of high yield stocks or ETF’s on the stock market side of things.

Torque Trading Systems
Potential Returns Enjoyed by Torque Trading Members
Torque Trading Systems
Great Returns From 2017 through 2019

Another nice thing I like about Torque Trading is they display a live trading chart for all cryptocurrency trading taking place. Everything in their system is automated and they do not attempt any high risk trades. As if that wasnt enough good news already Torque Trading also allows investors to grow their money by referring others to the platform. I have attached the chart below so you can get an idea of how lucrative this opportunity could be for crypto investors.

Torque Trading Systems
Torque Trading Genealogy and How it Makes You Money !

Below is a chart of how much you make off each of the seven levels you recruit into the business. It appears if I am reading this correctly that you also make money off your referrals referrals or the seven referrals your referrals recuit. Earnings chart below by level:

Torque Trading Systems
Torque Trading Earning’s Chart

No matter how you look at it Torque Trading Systems is a very solid company with a proven background since last year. They perform low risk investments with your cryptocurrency and pay your earnings back in Torque Tokens with is not a traded cryptocurrency. This allows you to hold on to the token until market conditions are favorable to cash them out into BTC, ETC, LTC, USTD.

Every investment has risk associated it, but here on intense investor I try to find the best investments that will give you the lowest risk with a good payout. Torque Trading Systems is at the top of my list of reputable companies to do business with. If you are interested in this opportunity then please join my team so we can grow the business together. You will see my referral link attached to the sign-up button below.


If you sign up right now I will email you my totally FREE special bonus EBOOK on how you can make more money using BITCOIN.

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