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Mirror Trading International (Pty) Limited is a South African registered company offering Forex trading services by using an automated system to trade with the trading pool on behalf of its members. No trading knowledge is required. We take the hassle out of Forex trading by doing it all for you, creating a truly passive income.

Johann Steynberg, from Polokwane in South Africa, is the CEO and founder of Mirror Trading International. The company’s head office is in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa. There are two satellite offices – one in Randburg, Gauteng and one in Strand, Western Cape, South Africa.

MTI Investor Presentation Video

Ok so now that the introduction is out of the way…….Boy oh Boy does this opportunity leave me excited every time I look at it. There is huge profit potential with this bitcoin/forex based passive income opportunity. If you have ever tried Forex trading then you know how hard it can be and how easy it is to lose money in the market.

Forex is close to a $6 trillion dollar market so there is lots of money to be made if you know how to trade the market correctly. What Mirror Trading International has done here is created a system that makes this a reality.

They use a well known technology that uses bots and AI to make trades in the Forex market that gives investors returns. Individuals have been using this technique for over 10 years on their own investments, but MTI has taken it to another level by using bitcoins that are pooled together by member investors.

The investor invest his/her bitcoins after signing up for MTI’s affiliate program. Like I mentioned above the bitcoins are pooled together in one large pool and then invested into the Forex market. The earnings are distributed on a daily basis, and a statement is given to each member so they can see all the trades that took place using their pool of bitcoin money. The MTI website tells us that most investors experience a .5% return on money per day or better. The best part about all this is that your returns and initial investments are always 100% liquid and can be withdrawn immediately if one so desires.

There is lots of proof of many investors that have made money with Mirror Trading Internationals program. I can go on and on about this but to get a better idea of the MTI opportunity please watch the video below to give you a better idea of this awesome opportunity, then keep reading afterwords.

Mirror Trading International Introduction Video

One of the many awesome things about this program is that it only cost $100 in Bitcoin to get started as a member. This money will be growing everyday, and you can always add more at your earliest convenience. Remember original capital and earnings are available for withdrawal at anytime you wish. Opportunities like this dont come along often so you need to seize it while you can and get in early to claim your place at the top.

I would love for you to be a part of my team so we can grow our business and downlines together. I have provided my new member referral link below so that you can take advantage of this awesome opportunity.

Mirror Trading International Sign up

As with any investment there are risk, and I am not condoning any type of get rich quick scheme here, but there is a great potential for some amazing profits. Give it a try and see what happens.

Live the life you want. Be free !!!

I will be making another video next week to explain some things in more detail about Mirror Trading International. Again its a great opportunity so dont miss out!

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Mirror Trading International Sign Up

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