Virtuo Trading Bot Review

virtuo trading bot is the best forex trading expert advisor available
virtuo trading bot is the best forex trading expert advisor available
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The Virtuo Trading Bot is a newer bot that I have been trying out for the past week or so.  This bot has been out for around two years now.  I wanted to write a review on the Virtuo Trading bot because it has been performing great and its exciting by how much it trades.  Even though I like the GPS Forex 3 robot a lot the Virtuo Trading bot is great in its own right and has been producing a great profit for me every day.  I have been running it on a demo account and a live account so that I can compare the results.  

Your results will probably be great........

A Strong History

Virtuo Trading was established in 2015 from the collective ambition of traders experienced in the business and finance industries. Valuable insight has been gained into the Forex markets which has been used to program expert advisors that produce consistent profits. They now manage over £2,000,000 for their clients.

Consistent Profit

Using small risk to reward ratios and professional risk management, Virtuo aims to keep drawdown to a minimum, maintain stable equity curves and ensure that clients reap regular profits. They also aim to help you achieve a steady investment return on a monthly basis, while you sit back and watch the growth on your initial deposit.


The ability to understand the market makers’ (banks) business model and how it is designed to take out retail traders makes Virtuo different from other investment companies. They are verified by fully regulated A-Book brokers, approved by ASIC, and also offer their services to American clients, unlike many agencies

Below are MyFXbook results for Virtuo Trading Bot on both my live and demo accounts if you would like to check them out
Demo Account - Results
Live Account - Results
Below is a link to another MyFXbook live trading account from the owner of Virtuo Trading

Backtesting Results

What settings should I use ?

For high risk use 0.01 per 5k
For medium to high risk use 0.01 per 10k
For medium to low risk use 0.01 per 20k
For low risk use 0.01 per 30k

virtuo ea expert advisor trading bot correct settings to use

As you can see Virtuo Trading Bot is a great expert advisor that is ready to go right out of the box.  There is a great telegram group that offers support and has many members in it.  There is even a non-members group for people that are undecided on whether they are ready to purchase the trading bot yet or not.  Please get in touch with Andy to join the telegram group: @virtuotrading

Hopefully you liked my short review of the Virtuo Trading Bot, and will come back for future updates.  Be sure you check out the MyFXbook links above to keep track of how my Virtuo Trading Bots are progressing.  I will be sure to post future updates as well.

PaxForex Cent Account - Virtuo Trading

When I first started using the Virtuo Trading Bot I signed up for a PaxForex cent account.  This gives you more flexibility and allows you to use a higher lot size with your trading account.  For example if you put $200 USD in a cent account that is 20,000 cents.  I have a 134,000 cent account with PaxForex and it allows me to minimize my risk and not blow account as easily.  I wondered about it at first, but now I can see the beauty in it.  If you are interested in signing up for a PaxForex account to use with the Virtuo Trading Bot then please click on the link below to learn more.

Make Sure You Use A Great VPS

I know I have covered a lot of material in this post and there is a lot of good info to read but if you are looking for a great VPS provider with very low latency and almost 100% uptime to run your expert advisors on then please check out

Virtuo Trading Bot

449 GBP







Ease of Use



  • History of great trading results
  • Created by brokers that understand the market
  • Trades often with good results
  • Runs great with most well known brokers


  • Price is mid-range for this type of bot but performance is very good

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