GPS Forex robot one year review

As many of you know I have made quite a few updates on my Youtube Channel about the GPS Forex Robot.  The GPS Forex Robot in particular has been around longer than any other Forex expert adviser, and has more data to back up its claims.  

There are a couple of live accounts on MyFXBook, with some having over $1 million USD in them, that were set up by Marc Larsen.  He is the founder of the GPS Forex Robot and keeps the MyFXBook accounts updated so that everyone can see the remarkable results he has achieved. 

The bot with $100k USD in it has been running and compounding profits since 2012 and has made over $570k USD in profit.  If you are interested in looking at the stats for any of his bots then please check out the links below in the blue box.

Now lets move on to the results I have gotten in the past year by running my own GPS Forex Robot.

Links to view Marc Larsen's GPS Forex Robot 's are below:

My Own Results With the GPS Robot, and Optimal Settings

The GPS Forex Bot that I have been running since December 2020 has been doing very well.  I have been running it with the moderate settings listed below.  I have most settings set to “auto” and I have not changed much of anything since I first started the bot.  One thing that I have changed is upping the setting for the ‘RevAfterSL’ to 7.1 from 5.9.  I was hoping this might slightly increase how much I make back off the reverse trade after a losing trade.  We will see how this new tweak works and I might drop it back down to 6.5 if things dont go as expected.  

As you can see I have most of the other settings set to ‘true’ for UseMM and Auto Analysis

GPS forex robot settings
As you can see above the settings for the GPS Forex Robot are fairly straightforward
Please see video below on how to install the GPS Forex 3 Robot
If you follow the steps in the above video you will have the GPS Forex 3 Robot up and running in no time !

Links to My Own GPS Forex Robot

As you can see in the chart above my very own GPS Forex Robot had a 55% gain over the past year with earnings of 3.61% per month.  The max drawdown was 33.10% which is a little higher than I like but the GPS Robot did a good job executing trades and reverse trades so Im pretty happy with the results.  

How Often Did the Bot Trade Over the Past Year?

I often see this question come up a lot in comments on my Youtube videos and also through emails.  The answer is that the GPS Forex Robot doesnt really trade that often but when it does trade it is usually highly successful.  

Some Key Points:

  • This is a live – real money account !
  • The GPS Forex Robot had 87% wins, and 13% losses over 2021.
  • The month with the most profit in 2021 was February with 7.44% profit.
  • The month with the biggest loss was in October 2021 with a 2.01% loss.
  • The loss that occured in October was due to me manually closing out a trade when it was in the negative.  The bot would have been in positive profits every month if not for that user error.

Below is the monthly profit and loss chart for 2021 from MyFXBook for the GPS Forex Robot.  The MyFXBook link is higher up in this post incase you missed it.

GPS Forex Robot 2021 Profits and Losses
The month with the most profit in 2021 was February which had over 7% profit !

As you can see from the screen shot of the chart below my bot traded every couple of days on average with a couple of trades being closer together on occasion.  It was able to win all reverse trades which is pretty amazing !

GPS Forex Robot 2021 results review
The GPS Forex Robot traded every couple of days on average during 2021

How Can I Duplicate the Results That You Had?

Im going to be honest with you that its pretty easy to get the same results I have had if you follow the same strategy that I use.  Some key tips are below:

  1. Check out the first post I made on bot settings and stick to those settings for a while.  I also outlined the same settings further up in this post.  I would recommend not changing these settings as they are the best ones I have found that work really well.  A link to that post can be found here.
  2. Dont use a crappy VPS to run your bot on.  Use a good one like
  3.  Last but not least you will want to use a good broker such as FXChoice or PaxForex.  A broker can make or break you.  In case you dont know what  a broker is it is the entity that holds your funds while the GPS Forex Robot trades them.  FXChoice is no longer available for U.S. Citizens so you might want to check out PaxForex instead.  When you sign up for PaxForex be sure to click NA for country if you are from the U.S.
  4. Both PaxForex and FXChoice allow you to fund your account with Bitcoin.  This is my preferred way of funding as it is quick and cheap.
  5. Sign up for a MyFXBook account so you can track your bot through the MT4 terminal.  MyFXBook organizes all your data very nicely.  As you can see I use it on a lot of my Youtube videos.

Links to the Programs and Companies I Mentioned Above

click here to join fxchoice today for use with the GPS Forex 3 robot
paxforex banner

How High Do I Still Rank the GPS Forex Robot?

The GPS Forex Robot has performed flawlesly over the past year.  Due to that I have decided to increase my initial ranking of 9.4 to a ranking of 9.7.  I still think its the best expert advisor that you can buy because it has the most data to back it up and also because it performed so well during my testing of it.  Its simple to use and easy to set-up

GPS Forex Robot











  • Almost 10 years of documented results
  • Decent amount of set-up options
  • Large amount of prior user data
  • Low cost of entry to use the bot
  • Low amount of maintenance required


  • Doesnt trade often which is frustrating to some users
  • Needs enough capital for reversal trades
  • Potential high drawdown with this bot
  • Could use more settings or options

3 replies on “GPS Forex Robot – One Year Results”

I just purchased the bot with your link, thank you! do you only use EURUSD in M15 timeframe? or do you use it also in H1? Do you use the other currencies?

Thanks man. The time frame isnt super critical as the bot already knows what time frame it is trading on so changing it doesnt affect anything. I just leave mine on the 1-hour time frame all the time. Its been doing very well lately.

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