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Cryptohopper - Fully automated trading at your finger tips
*** Update on 12/14/2021 ***

Ive recently became involved with a bot trading service known as CryptoHopper. Its basically a fully automated cryptocurrency trading bot. I stumbled across it while looking for ways to automate my cryptocurrency trading efforts. At first glance I was very impressed with how nicely the site was laid out and the product was marketed. There was tons of tutorial materials and videos. I did a quick search on Youtube and found many other Youtubers posting videos about different settings you could use in CryptoHopper. They all seemed very pleased with the service.  This is when I decided to try it for myself.

Be sure to watch out the video below on how well the bot did at first.  These were some of the first results I achieved with Cryptohopper.

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I decided to check out the Cryptohopper website further and discovered they have a free package known as the ‘Pioneer’ level package to get you acquainted with their service in greater detail. See the different levels below:

cryptohopper different plans
Different Tiers of Membership for Cryptohopper

At first I tried the free ‘Pioneer’ level service for a day or two but wanted a little more functionality and power so I decided to upgrade to the ‘Explorer’ free trial package for seven days. The ‘Explorer’ free trial package will let you trade up to fifteen different cryptocurrencies and open up to eighty different positions with different coins.  This is a good way to try out Cryptohopper and get your feet wet.

After dabbling with some of the settings and trying to figure out what I was doing I noticed there was a marketplace link over on the left hand side of the page. I clicked on the link and it took me to a thriving marketplace that has free and paid  strategies and templates that you can use in your ‘Hopper’. The ‘Hopper’ is the general name of the trading bot you will be using and you will see it referenced as such throughout the site.  Whenever you make a new bot the name they use for it in CryptoHopper is ‘Hopper’.  I didnt want that to confuse anyone. 😊

killer whale trading strategies for cryptohopper
This is what the main hopper page looks like.
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In the marketplace you can select different templates, strategies, and signals. I decided to try some of Killer Whales Strategies and templates as they had very good reviews. All you have to do is simply load the template into the hopper you are using and then attach the strategy to it. Everything works very seamlessly together and I didn’t experience any hiccups.

different cryptohopper templates from the market place
CryptoHopper Marketplace Templates
Killer whale strategies for CryptoHopper
CryptoHopper Marketplace Strategies

Just Keep in mind that whatever template you decide to use the accompanying strategy also needs to be from the same developer to work correctly. For example if you use a Killer Whale template then you also need to use a Killer Whale strategy.  

You also need to make sure the template matches the exchange you are using. The template I ended up using was a Kucoin|USDT template. USDT is the base currency you will buy and trade all other currencies against. If you sign up under me on Kucoin you can get .07% maker fees, and .07 taker fees when you are trading your cryptocurrencies. Its a really good offer.  My link is below if you are interested.

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Like I mentioned above make sure you pick the correct template for the exchange you will be using. It is very important. The next step is to pick the strategy from the marketplace. Its similar to picking the template. 

See below snapshot of what the marketplace strategy area looks like.

cryptohopper marketplace strategies

Once the template and strategy are chosen from the marketplace you can go back to the dashboard screen where you can choose a “new hopper”. 

See snapshot below:

add a new hopper
Add a new hopper screen

Click on the “+” sign to add the new hopper and you will come to a screen like below:

pick which cryptohopper bot you want to use

Pick the “Auto Trading Bot” for now. The other two options are for the two more costly plans and at this point we just want to get going with the free trial plan and ‘learn the ropes’ so to speak. Trust me when i say there is a lot to learn and it can be overwhelming at first. When you click on “Create Trading Hopper” a video window will pop up. 

Watch the Video below:

After you watch the above video tutorial you will want to click on “templates” from the menu on the left hand side of the screen as shown in the snapshot below.

killer whale template strategies for cryptohopper

You will see the market templates tab and then you will see the Killer Whale templates that you chose earlier. Make sure you click the template that corresponds to the exchange you will be using (Kucoin, Coinbase, Binance)

Click on the “Load” template button. The template is now loaded. Now its time to attach the strategy.

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killer whale strategies for cryptohopper

As you can see in the above picture by clicking on the ‘strategies’ menu item on the left it will pull up your strategies. This will allow you to pick a strategy to use in your template.

killer whale strategies for cryptohopper

To set the strategy in place that you want to use click on ‘config’ menu item in left-hand menu. After that click on ‘baseconfig’.

The following window will come up:

Cryptohopper set-up and configuration

Click on Strategy(highlighted in blue) and you will see where you can pick your downloaded strategy from the drop down menu on the left. After you pick the strategy you want to use click save in the top right hand corner to save all of your work up to this point.

From this same menu you can go ahead and click on the menu item to pick and configure your coins you want to trade.  After you do this click save in the top right corner and you should be ready to start your CryptoHopper.

On this same screen you can also set how much you want to use per trade and the maximum amount you want to use in the bot total.  DONT FORGET TO HIT SAVE !

cryptohopper setup and configuration

The free trial give you up to fifteen different coins you can trade. I usually pick all the main ones that have higher volumes per coin (BTC, ETH, LTC, LINK, etc). The more advanced subscriptions allow you to pick over fifty coins which gives you a lot more flexibility.

So there are many more settings you can configure in here but I wont get into all the details. There are countless videos you can watch to learn more about how to configure the Hopper bot. I would definitely recommend checking out one of my more recent Cryptohopper videos below if you are interested in more advanced settings and features.

Once you have all this set up I would recommend configuring an API to link your exchange to your CryptoHopper trading bot. The link below will show you how to set this up:


Different exchanges have different instructions so make sure you choose the right tutorial. Once the API is setup the money from your exchange account will automatically show up in the dashboard area.

Overall I really like the CryptoHopper bot and have big expectations from it. I saw some reports of people getting 8% returns a day in a good market. If I can get just half of those results I would be very happy indeed.

The CryptoHopper site has tons of good information about trading in general and understanding what your doing. You will find a wealth of good information on their website. After a couple of days I felt like I had a good basic understanding of what I was doing. If you feel like all this is a good fit for you then by all means sign up under my link below. I dont think you will regret being a part of such a great opportunity and earning a passive income from your efforts.

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