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Yieldnodes Update – Masternoding for Beginners

Yieldnodes Update Masternoding for Beginners
Rent a Masternode using the Yieldnodes Program and Earn Passive Income in the Process. Check out my FULL Yieldnodes Update below.

Yieldnodes Update - Masternoding for Beginners

Welcome to my most recent Yieldnodes update.  Currently for the 2021 year Yieldnodes is averaging 12.48% profit for five months.  Before I break down more detailed information below regarding the Yieldnodes Masternode network I would like to say one thing about the Yieldnodes platform:

There are very few reputable passive income platforms in the world of cryptocurrencies, and you can probably count them on one hand. 

 Yieldnodes appears to be that diamond in the rough and it is very unlike anything else to have came before it.  As more and more time goes on Yieldnodes continues to separate itself from the rest of the p.

Above you can see my Yieldnodes earnings update so far for the 2021 year.

There is a great team behind Yieldnodes that have been very transparent about how they operate.  Trust is the most essential thing that must be won from current and future investors.  The Yieldnodes team has done a superior job so far in making the product and dream a reality.  

These are the founders of yieldnodes
The Yieldnodes Project Team

I had wrote a previous article that outlined the basics of the Yieldnodes platform, but in this article I wanted to dive a little bit deeper into the intricacies and details of how it all operates and how you are making money with the platform.  As investors we deserve to know all the in’s and out’s of any platform to make sure we are getting our money’s worth.  Don’t you agree? 

How Exactly Does A Masternode Work?

The easiest way to explain how Yieldnodes works is that you are simply lending your cryptocurrency to be masternoded on the network.  What does this mean though?

Wikipedia defines a masternode as such:

Masternodes are network servers in certain decentralized blockchain systems. They carry out specific functions and may enjoy privileges network participants in most blockchains do not.

The entire blockchain ledger of a particular cryptocurrency will be stored on the masternode network.  Getting passive income and governance rights are two of the benefits to masternoding a cryptocurrency.

People who choose to run a masternode network are rewarded for their masternoding efforts sort of like how miners are rewarded for their mining efforts.  It will take extenstive time and effort to manage the masternode and keep it running efficiently.  In essense a masternode functions as the backbone for the blockchain network.  Masternodes are also known as “bonded validator systems” and ensure the integrity of the network being masternoded.

Dash, which is a fork of Bitcoin, was one of the first cryptocurrencies to adopt the master node model.  In order to run a masternode one must have sufficient collateral up front.  This is where “you”, the Yieldnodes investor comes into play.

If Masternoding is not trading then what is it?

Masternoding is considered POS (Proof of Stake) and eliminates the need for expensive mining machines that are needed for POW (Proof of Work).  Bitcoin is a POW cryptocurrency that uses massive amounts of energy to mine cryptos.  POS eliminates the need for mining machines.

Masternoding is also not crypto trading so the risk is a lot lower.  There are always risk with everything so always invest only what your willing to lose.  The risk here does appear to be very small as Urs S., the architect of the Yieldnodes masternode network,  is available 24/7 to monitor the network and quickly fix any problems 

Urs S. is the architect of the Yieldnodes Masternode Network
Urs S. is the Architect of the Yieldnodes Masternode Network

What Crypto Projects are part of the Yieldnodes Masternode Network?

As you can see from the slider above there are a lot of great projects already on the Yieldnodes masternode network, and many more will be added in due time.  

Audits & Emergency Withdrawals

A couple of months ago Stefan Hoermann invited five different Youtubers that are also invested in Yieldnodes to come perform Audits of the Yieldnodes platform.  Stefan realized that people wanted to know if Yieldnodes was safe and legit so Stefan had the audit performed to prove that Yieldnodes was running a legit business.  He wants nothing but the best for Yieldnodes and its investors.  As a member you will have access to these audits in the member dashboard area.

In addition to having the Audits done on Yieldnodes Stefan also introduced emergency withdrawals.  I felt like this is a good move, because prior to this a person could only withdraw after the 6-month lock up period was completed.  

As you can see new features are always being added to the Yieldnodes platform.  This is important as it attracts new users and helps Yieldnodes grow their business even more.  

Whats the Verdict on Yieldnodes?

Ive used quite a few passive income platforms and have came across some real losers that lost me plenty of money.  When I look at Yieldnodes I see a program that does things right by its investors.  I also see a program that wants to keep growing into the future for many years.  The more popular masternoding becomes the more Yieldnodes will continue to grow and distribute profit to its many investors.  

Below you will find my rating for Yieldnodes.  I rank it very high because I believe it to be one of the best programs out there.  There might be a time in the future that Yieldnodes might not be able to accept new investors so try to get in before those slots are gone.  You really dont want to miss out on this great opportunity.

~Intense Investor